Speaking and Listening/Communication:

Redbridge High School has the development of language and communication skills, at the heart of its curriculum. It is understood that,

  • Communication is both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Communication expands through development of receptive language (understanding what is heard) and expressive language (speaking)

  • Processes involved in language development also support ‘thinking’

Every child is an individual. Their needs depend on a whole range of factors, including:

  • Specific diagnosis i.e. Autistic spectrum conditions, PMLD-profound learning difficulties, Angelman’s syndrome, Down’s syndrome.

  • the specific areas of speech, language and communication, the child or young person, has difficulty with

  • the severity of these difficulties

  • skills and strengths the child has

  • levels of maturity, confidence and self-esteem

Specific language and communication needs can have an impact on a child’s learning and behaviour. Difficulties may impact their ability to:

  • listen to and understand information and instructions

  • make sense of concepts and ideas

  • learn new words and use them well

  • answer questions and share their ideas with others

  • use language to solve problems ask for help or explanations

  • read, write and spell

  • play, work collaboratively, socialise and interact with others.

At Redbridge we meet these individual needs through a range of strategies and approaches, these include:-

  •  Yr 7 Speech and Language Therapy screenings

  • A rolling programme of communication training for all staff.

  • Bespoke Speech and language therapy observations and assessments

  • Termly individual communication targets agreed with parents and carers.

  • Differentiated groups once per week to teach social communication skills

  • A whole communication approach encompassing visual aids and systems,
    Makaton signing

object reference system

"Objects of reference, a system that enables pupils to understand and request using ‘real’ items from their lives"


Useful links....... caat-team .. Ace Centre

Please download our guide to devices and systems we have access to.





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